Tips for overcoming errors when editing Mobile Realme designs

How is the solution "Installation Error: -2" in the Theme Store Realme - Hello Realme fans, it has officially released the latest color operating system in the Kingdom. .16 offers the Realme Theme Store, which is no longer available in the oppo Theme Store. Who can buddy get different themes and cool features for downloading wallpapers?

Although the Realme Theme Store is available, some cannot use this feature. A tutorial on installing a domain theme can be helpful, for example, for problems such as gibberish when an error occurs when changing the theme. Check out the tutorial, guys

1. Clear the cache and data
Very simple and straightforward. Simply enter the settings, select the application and launch the Realme Theme Store application. Clear the data. If you delete the previous activities, the data will be reset and afterward, the Theme Shop application will work normally again.

2. Reset the Sahaja system settings
If clearing the cache and data does not work, you should try the "Reset system configuration" method. One way to overcome the theme store is a mistake. Although the problem is quite complicated, the bass nations have tried it and it works! If you just reset the system settings, everything is normal

3. Reset everything.
If the above two tips don't work, the most common way to reset my friend's phone/factory settings is to reset Android to its initial settings 100% error will open.

Yes, this trick can delete all data/applications, but if you want to use the theme storage again, you should try this trick. Here is the tutorial.

Note: Back up the application/photo/contact on an external Momori / SD card before resetting to the factory settings so that later applications and important contact data are not saved on your mobile phone deleted due to factory reset. Remember that! When you reset to the factory settings, your data will be deleted, including photos and files from the gallery under "Personal data"
Save and reset to factory settings.
1. Go to Settings> Other Settings> Backup and Reset
2. Select Backup and Restore and Resave. Make sure you have an SD card (the backup files are saved on the SD card and can be restored after a factory reset).
3. When you are finished, return and select "Factory Data Reset", select Clean all data / Delete all data inclusive / photos and music.
4. If you carry out a complete reset, it is started and the 2x start menu for food is called. Wait until the language selection is received.
5. Completed.

Now you can test the normal memory. For the backup, you can access the settings and create a backup. Then select the previously saved one (see figure below).

That's all if you have questions about the solution error when changing designs in Hape Realme and ColorOS 6.0. Please comment below or contact Bassnations through the Contact Us page. Thank you very much. Realm Theme Store (Links updated) (Access only via the web, brother. The application does not support the redirect link.)

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