How to install Google Camera on Realme 3 / Pro without UBL & Root [RMX1851]

It is common knowledge that the results of the camera from GCam, no doubt because Google Camera is made by Google developers for Google Nexus and Google Pixels.
Initially, all Android from version 4.4 KitKat and above can use it. Since April 2016, the Google Camera app is no longer available on the Play Store and is only official for Google Nexus and Google Pixels. Therefore, my friend must install it yourself.

The main requirement is to be able to install Gcam, that Android phones must support 2API cameras, at least Hardware Support Level FULL.

By default, Realme 3 Pro has a 2API FULL camera without the need to fiddle around, you can check the Camera 2 Probe application or Camera Compatibility Manual. Screenshot under Realme 3 Pro already supports the installation of Google Camera.

Oh yes, this Google camera application ported Pixel smartphone. the reason Google Camera is actually only available for Google phones. But some modders try to try to install it on smartphones outside of Google. Bassnations recommends Google Camera Mod by Arnova8G2.

Google Camera has lots of cool features
Portrait Mode Shots
Google Camera has a Shutter mode that is great for taking human/selfie photos. The results obtained show

Clear, sharp clean details
good saturation
natural colors
skintone color (skin color) that is very natural
In addition, GCam also offers an amazing feature called Lens Blur in portrait mode.
Lens Blur feature

lens blur is very similar to portrait mode. With this feature, you can use portrait mode for objects too.
Lens blur/portrait mode provides good accuracy in detecting edges of objects, so the resulting bokeh is very natural.
EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)
EIS (electronic image stabilization) or electronic technology that serves to compensate for hand tremors when shooting images.

This feature is not yet available on some Androids, but with GCam, you can record videos and take stable photos without shaking until the resulting photo is sharper and not blurred to lose focus.
HDR + | Great Dynamic range
HDR or High Dynamic Range means the difference in the level of brightness that is far between the bright and dark parts.
See the photo on the right below

Parts of trees and fences are much darker than the sky and the roof of a house, this is what is known as the High Dynamic Range.
When shooting in Standard mode, the result will be like the image on the right above, while if HRD is activated, the difference in light darkness of the photo can be minimized so that the photo will be more detailed as the picture on the left.
This mode is also often used when shooting sunset or sunrise.
  • View Night Sight
  • Photo Sphere
  • Slow Motion
  • Panorama
  • And some expert settings that can be set manually (ISO, Autoexposure,
Tutorial Install Google Camera (GCam) Realme 3 Pro Version 1
Download Required Files:

Installation steps

  1. First, install the Google Camera application that has been downloaded as usual
After Google Camera is installed, you have to enter Config so that it can run smoothly, in the Internal Storage> GCam> Config directory. But if you don't find the folder, do the following:
Open Google Camera, tap More / Other> Settings. Then tap Save settings / Save Settings, after that a pop-up window will appear Enter Config Name that is useful for creating new config, input any text, finally tap Save / Save.
    • After creating a new config, the Gcam folder will appear in internal memory.
  1. Then copy and paste Config Realme 3 which was downloaded earlier in the Internal Storage / GCam / Configs directory
  2. After config is saved, open Google Camera, then double-tap on the black part like in the picture below. Then select Realme_3_Config.xml
  3. Now Realme 3 / Pro, my friend can use Google Camera well.

Tutorial Install Google Camera (GCam) Realme 3 Pro V2
Realme 3 Pro is one of the Realm features Camera2 API enabled by default, meaning you don't need to install TWRP and root to install Google Camera.

To test this, download the Manual Camera Compatibility application through the Google Play Store and do a test.
If all the green check, it means that Realme 3 Pro you have Camera2API enabled.
If so, install the Google Camera APK as follows:
  1. Open File Manager to install the Gcam_6.2.030_Advanced_V2.2.190716.1800-Final.apk application;
  2. Since the application is not from the Google Play Store, allow access from unknown sources by selecting Settings, enable Allow Apps from this Source;
  3. If so, install the application and run it;
  4. Done.
The first time, Google Camera will blank black in Portrait Camera mode, so the solution:
  1. Select Other and enter Settings;
  2. Scroll down and search for About;
  3. Then activate Enable advance mode;
  4. Close the Google Camera application and run it again.
  5. Until this stage, the Portrait Camera mode should be used.
  6. Done.

  • After installing Google Cam but will it feel heavy and broken? The solution is to make sure you have installed a config that is specific to Realme 3 / Pro as described in the tutorial above.
  • Some features won't work properly, for example like Slow Motion and Photobooth. Slow Motion Idle is a bit broken and the default features of Realme and Photobooth are even blank black.

Know this Google Camera Mod many versions of several author modder. Some have bugs in the Slow Motion idle section or not. So if you want to try another version of GCam Mod, you can check the following page: (Official Source)
Besides these tips, you can follow friends for Realme 3 or Realme 3 Pro. Similarly Tutorial Install Google Camera (GCam) Realme 3 Pro [RMX1851]. May be useful

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