7 Guidelines for Caring for Xiaomi Batteries To Be Durable and Long Lasting

How to Overcome the Wasteful and Fast-Exhausted Xiaomi Battery Latest - Having an Android smartphone that can be installed with many applications at the same time would certainly be a dream for some people. This is perfectly natural because there are typical people who like to try a variety of new applications for fun or just to spend the internal memory capacity of Android whose size is far beyond expectations.

I am a Redmi Note 3 PRO and Moto G5s Plus user. I bought both smartphones when they were just out on the market. For the Kenzo, because this Xiaomi-made smartphone is very flexible to be ransacked by the system, I installed this smartphone with a custom ROM with a total of third-party applications that I installed reached more than sixty. That all includes social media applications, Xposed applications, tweaking applications and other supporting applications.

Are you aware of Android users that actually with the increasing number of applications installed on a smartphone that can have a drastic reduction in battery life? Because not all Android applications are friendly to battery consumption. Some of them have become Android's battery drain because of the way it works in real time in the background such as monitoring, scanning, continuous backups and others.

So far I have used the Redmi Note 3 PRO and have never experienced a problem in the battery sector. This smartphone is equipped with 4050 mAh of power which in my opinion is very economical, even for a full non-stop daily use. With normal use, the Xiaomi Kenzo that I use only needs to charge once a day. Every night I charge and then I sleep.

For those of you loyal Xiaomi users who feel that your smartphone is quickly depleted of batteries, hot quickly even for fair use, decreased performance, random lag often occurs and others, follow a few quick tips below to fix it.

Cara Mengatasi Baterai Xiaomi Yang Boros Dan Cepat Habis Terbaru

How To Overcome The Latest Wasteful And Fast-Exhausted Xiaomi Batteries

1 Xiaomi battery calibration
This is the most effective way to deal with Xiaomi batteries that are quickly exhausted alias wasteful. Recalibrating Xiaomi batteries means recovering electrons that might not fully charge the battery element of your smartphone. By recalibrating the battery, it is expected that the power inside the smartphone can regenerate perfectly so that the problem of wasteful batteries can be resolved.

How to calibrate Xiaomi batteries, the easiest and free way is to empty the battery power to zero percent then fill it to the full in a dead state. This method has a high success rate, where I myself have done this trick on my old Android smartphone and after that the smartphone battery has become more durable than before.

The second way to calibrate Xiaomi batteries is by using a third party application, called Advanced Battery Calibrator. This application can be said to be very light (has a small size) but it is very effective to overcome Xiaomi and Android batteries in general, whether it is wasteful, quickly exhausted, the charge can not be full to one hundred percent, on the charge even the battery decreases and others. This Advanced Battery Calibrator application is free and doesn't require root privileges, so for those of you who want to try the application, just download it via the following link, then install, then open and follow the instructions that appear.

Cara Mengatasi Baterai Xiaomi Yang Boros Dan Cepat Habis Terbaru

2 install Greenify to hibernate unused applications
There are Android applications that run only temporarily (only when the application is opened), some are always running behind the scenes because they have a background service. The general background service function is so that the application can always provide realtime services to users in the form of notifications, updates, installations, checking servers and others.

For example, the Bukalapak application. Online trading applications that are very familiar in our daily life, although generally not being used, but within a certain period will continue to send notifications containing promos or advertisements to our Android smartphones because Bukalapak has a background service that functions like that.

The number of Android applications installed and has a background service will have an impact on excessive RAM usage and also impact on the Android battery to be more wasteful than before. For that, it's a good idea to install an application called Greenify (for both root and non-root users) that functions to stop / hibernate unused applications.

How to use it is also easy. First download the application via the link below. Then open the application, press the plus button in the upper right corner of the screen to open the App Analyzer then select the application you want to turn off, then press the checkmark button in the lower right corner of the screen. Finally, back to the Greenify start menu, select the application you previously marked, then press the sleep button with the zzz logo.

Cara Mengatasi Baterai Xiaomi Yang Boros Dan Cepat Habis Terbaru

3 use the official Xiaomi ROM
Whether you realize it or not, most of the Xiaomi smartphones that you buy aren't in the official stores that work with Xiaomi are distributor versions of Xiaomi smartphones? Some of the most well-known distributors who import Xiaomi smartphones in the country are B-Cell and Platinum. Usually they provide a one-year service guarantee with a record of damage due to factory defects and not due to individual faults. On the internet there are many users who complain about after-sales services from these distributors.

In addition to services that are sometimes unsatisfactory, in general distributor versions of Xiaomi smartphones do not use official ROMs made by Xiaomi. They have their own ROM which we usually refer to as ROM distributor. The difference with the original ROM output Xiaomi, distributor ROM is not supported by the latest features of Xiaomi. In appearance it might look the same but if you look further, the distributor ROM version is not officially registered so that the distributor ROM cannot be updated like the MIUI ROM in general.

In addition, what is unfortunate from the distributor's ROM is the large number of bloatware applications embedded by the distributor which sometimes greatly disturbs the user's comfort because these applications are lacking in functionality, bloatware applications usually carry overlay ads on smartphone screens where the adverts could make smartphones are vulnerable to viruses, wasteful use of batteries and also wasteful use of data quotas. The solution, it would be nice from now on you use the official MIUI ROM from Xiaomi because it is more stable, free of bloatware, and certainly the battery usage is far more efficient than other ROMs.

4 pairs of third-party applications that are only important
It's a good idea for Android users to install third-party applications wisely because the effects will be far more than the benefits provided. Avoid installing lots of less useful applications whatever the reason is, no matter how much free memory space your smartphone has, no matter how much internet quota you have left. Even though most Xiaomi smartphones are now equipped with insane specifications at unreasonable prices, installing non-essential applications is still not a good choice.

Every Android application that is installed, the longer it is used it will leave a lot of temporary files and cache. This has an impact on the use of internal memory which will always increase every time. Although the temporary file can be deleted from the system or using a cleaner application, installing a third-party application that is even important will make the 'health' of your internal memory maintained.

In addition, the way Android apps work is different, some run only when the application is opened, some will run continuously in real-time without our knowledge. For example, BBM. This instant messaging application at any time the service will run in the background because it is needed for monitoring if at any time there is an incoming BBM message. This service task will provide notification to the user so that later there will be no missed messages.

Another example, just call it Calculator. Calculator applications can be called static applications, meaning that only if the user opens the application will the application work. In addition, this application will not be active. The calculator also has no services running in the background, so you can say this application is safe and not aggressive towards your Xiaomi.

In conclusion, with so many applications installed, moreover most of them have a service that runs in the background, so you can be sure that your battery, RAM and data packet usage will be very wasteful. So that's why installing an application that is important is highly recommended. If you are not an active user of BBM, WeChat, WhatsApp, Telegram and others, from this moment it is better to immediately delete it.

Install games on Xiaomi to make the battery so wasteful? Hmm I really don't agree. Wasteful when the game is played might indeed yes (because the processor, GPU and memory work optimally). But when not played? It doesn't seem to matter.

5 activate the default Xiaomi Battery Saver feature
MIUI as a custom ROM made by Xiaomi is equipped with many features to support the maximum performance so that the user experience of the user is better than pure stock ROM Android. One important feature pinned by Xiaomi in all MIUI ROMs is Battery Saver.

As the name implies, Battery Saver is useful for controlling battery usage of Xiaomi smartphones. This Battery Saver will manage applications that consume excess power, also manage active connectivity to run more efficiently.

How to activate the Battery Saver feature on Xiaomi, open Settings <Battery & performance <Power <Battery Saver then activate Battery Saver.

MIUI's built-in Battery Saver can work better than third-party battery saver applications because MIUI's built-in Battery Saver runs on the system while the workings of third-party battery savers monitor various aspects that make battery usage wasteful through background services where this service usually requires a lot of RAM. to operate.

6 decrease the brightness of the Xiaomi screen
As we know that when viewed from the screen on time, several factors that are draining a lot of smartphone battery usage, namely display. It has become a natural thing that the display of a smartphone requires a large current.

To work around this, it never hurts to try to lower the brightness of your smartphone screen or you can also activate the automatic brightness feature so that the brightness becomes adaptive (brighter when it's dark and a little dark when it's bright). That way you can save more battery power so that your smartphone can turn on much longer.

7 use the WiFi network frequently
Generally, almost all Xiaomi smartphones now support 4G LTE networks. This network offers faster internet speeds compared to HSDPA or WCDMA networks. This 4G LTE network has now also spread to various corners of Indonesia. The price of the month's internet package also seems more affordable.

With all the advantages that we can get instantly, actually the use of a data connection on an Android smartphone contributes to the draining of smartphone batteries. Not that that way the use of GSM internet data is prohibited. However, as a powerful solution so that your Xiaomi battery is more efficient than before, it is recommended to use a WiFi connection if your location is available in the network.

WiFi networks have a more stable signal. The speed that is given is certainly faster than your smartphone. You can use it for free (with certain conditions). And certainly, this network will not make your Xiaomi wasteful batteries because the network source you are using is on another device.

Thus the tutorial on how to save Xiaomi batteries that are wasteful and quickly run out. There are actually other ways if the tips above do not work for you, such as activating auto close apps mode on Xiaomi, wipe cache and dalvik cache, turning off GPS, turning off the synchronization feature, turning off the auto update feature, using static and black wallpapers, and also reduce the network to a lower level than before (eg 4G to 3G or 2G).

Fill in the comments below if there are things that are unclear or something you want to ask. Don't hesitate to request another Android tutorial if you need it. Finally, share this article from the menu provided if you think it's useful for others. thanks.

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