How To Fix And Solve Error Rejected For Install Theme Miui Mtz

Hay Buddy Mifans on this occasion I will discuss how to install the xiaomi theme with the extension. MTZ, basically the xiaomi theme can be backed up and can be restored and when it is backed up it will display files ending in .Mtz
Well on this occasion I will discuss how to install the theme on your Xiaomi mobile phone with the extension. MTZ well without further ado directly refer to the way below yeah

There are 1 ways to install MTZ themes, namely by importing and adding third-party applications.

How to Install Themes with Third-party Applications (Theme Editor) 
1. Put the file that you downloaded and put it on the outside of the folder.
2. Install Theme Editor For MIUI Apk and open DOWNLOAD HERE
3. Select upload theme
4. Search for the Theme file that was downloaded earlier.
5. continue to follow step by step until it works.
6. Finally enter the theme application.
7. Look for the Dark Mode theme and install it. Wait until loading is complete. see the picture below here.

congratulations you have made your beloved cell phone more cool to see in the display.

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how to install xiaomi mtz error jejected.

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